Member benefits



Benefits of membership

NCEIA members get

  • Discounts when entering music into the NCEIA Dolphin Music Awards.
  • Receive a discount on up to 5 tickets to the annual NCEIA Dolphin Music Awards Night.
  • Additionally members can attend NCEIA workshops and seminars for free.

Example of a previous seminars

FREE SEMINAR “The Bu$iness of Music” hosted by Wendy Ford (the regional co-ordinator of the Australian Songwriters Association) SAT NOV 7th 10am – 2pm Upstairs at Planet Music 25 Molesworth Street Lismore.

Overview: This seminar assumes that participants are either singer-songwriters or bands with recorded songs to promote, or people interested in promotional aspects of the entertainment industry. This will be a broad overview with selected multimedia presentations and guest speakers. Participant questions will drive further content. Attendees will leave equipped with new resources and the tools to form the blueprint for a professional music business plan or strategy.

Nocturnal Tapes

Nocturnal Tapes

I. Ready

  1. Building the dream with focus and commitment
  2. Building a solid repertoire, image and style
  3. Preparing a pro bio, photo / video and press kit
  4. Jam nites, open mic’s and songwriter sessions
  5. Gigging and self - promotion
  6. Developing a professional attitude

II. Set

  1. Using the media (social media, gig guides in paper and on radio, music sites)
  2. Killer websites
  3. Community radio
  4. Compilation releases like “Unearthed” (JJJ)
  5. Competitions
  6. Using professional and community resources (NCEIA, APRA, ASA, etc.)
Kellie Knight & the Daze

Kellie Knight & the Daze

III. Go!

  1. Performing and building an audience
  2. Avenues for income in the digital age
  3. Making use of opportunities (Reverbnation, Taxi, etc.)
  4. Publishing, management and touring
  5. Synchronising to film and tv
  6. Performing often, but selectively
  7. Going indie vs chasing labels
  8. Where to from here?